Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Good bye ‘Death by PowerPoint’ hello ‘Sea-Sick and Confused by Prezi’.

Well I finally submitted to peer pressure and opened an Prezi for education account. I tried to rebuild one of my 'Advanced' PowerPoint presentations within the Prezi frames and it didn't 'do it for me'. Then I discovered this blog which explains my thoughts well.

Prezi imageI like new technology, but we shouldn't use just because others rave about it, we should use it because it suits the message we want to deliver. As Joby states:
For most though, Prezi is not the answer............. use whatever presentation technology you use effectively.

I for one will install the new pptPlex plug-in for PowerPoint from Microsoft and see what effect that has. Will I continue with Prezi?.... I will let you know after I have played with ppt a bit more. 
(Bill is my cheque in the post?) 

p.s. as someone who experiences motion sickness, poorly constructed Prezi means....[insert you own visualisation here]. Shawn presents Organization strategies to reduce motion sickness caused by Prezis

Icon Slides in Google drivep.p.s I confess I also use Google Slides, and can presentation via from my Google Drive account on-line if I choose to.

Public or private? Open or closed?

My personal struggle with using 'social media' continues....

Like it or not... my on-line profile is part of my professional and personal identity.
I am a nurse, and must "uphold the reputation of your profession at all times" (NMC 2008).  I am subject to public scrutiny 24/7 understandably this has made me a cautious user of 'open social media' . In my discipline it is essential to own what I say and do . Once shared it is out there and out of my control....

Over the years during professional development courses and in the roles I have held I have been 'encouraged' and at times 'required' to engage with social media. I confess I am still apprehensive in sharing my thoughts, beliefs, ideals with the world. I prefer to reflect privately and share with people who I trust. So what I post publicly will be a heavily censored and edited version my 'reality'.

Bizarrely, despite my reticence, I seem to have a fair sized digital footprint.