Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Public or private? Open or closed?

My personal struggle with using 'social media' continues....

Like it or not... my on-line profile is part of my professional and personal identity.
I am a nurse, and must "uphold the reputation of your profession at all times" (NMC 2008).  I am subject to public scrutiny 24/7 understandably this has made me a cautious user of 'open social media' . In my discipline it is essential to own what I say and do . Once shared it is out there and out of my control....

Over the years during professional development courses and in the roles I have held I have been 'encouraged' and at times 'required' to engage with social media. I confess I am still apprehensive in sharing my thoughts, beliefs, ideals with the world. I prefer to reflect privately and share with people who I trust. So what I post publicly will be a heavily censored and edited version my 'reality'.

Bizarrely, despite my reticence, I seem to have a fair sized digital footprint.