Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Week 1 activities

Webinar 0 and 1 ..... stimulating the little grey cells......

Really great having the live webinars cast via #YouTube.

I decided to follow up some of the links shared so here they are.

Digital literacy, what they are and how to attain them...

The Eight elements of digital literacy are key to this project -http://digilitpride.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/making-sense-of-the-8-elements-of-digital-literacy/

3E Framework

A model of ELT at DMU

Evaluating digital services: a Visitors and Residents approach

A further area of digital literacy is 'digital health literacy', as 'patients' and 'health care professionals' we are increasingly reliant on the www for accessing and providing health information, booking health appointments and ordering prescriptions. We are increasingly exposed to innovations in 'ehealth', 'tele health and care', recent live cast of surgery via GoogleGlass . Many of these are aimed at improving health or the opportunity to manage our own health more independently.

But when do our health providers check our digital health literacy? or our ability to use the technology or our confidence and trust in the technology?

I recently attended a conference day for DISCOVER Skills For Carers an exciting initiative to equip carers with digital literacy for health.

Visit http://www.discover4carers.eu/      http://moodle.discover4carers.eu/

Research and innovation in this area is increasing globally, overcoming geographical boundaries and widening access to health information and care.


W.H.O. Health literacy and health behaviour - http://www.who.int/healthpromotion/conferences/7gchp/track2/en/