Saturday, 13 April 2013

Activity 0.3

Exploring and experimenting

Although I really enjoy technology and have a role which is to inspire and encourage others to use technology in their learning and teaching. I feel more confident in closed environments where I can get to know the audience, feel safe to engage in the discussion and build trust in the discourse. So my open contributions are sparse.

I admit it was a bold move for me to start a twitter account (the number of tweets so far can be counted on one hand) this was created as it seemed like a good idea at the time and was being promoted for communications at the ascilite 2012 conference I attended , and this blog (I so wanted to lock it down and restrict viewing only to ocTEL participants!

So what are they for:

Twitter - for short points, those times when you think aloud to yourself  and don't usually require an answer. Now you can think aloud and tweet and there may be someone out there who wants to respond. If you are really luck they you may gather some followers, hopefully they are not the unwelcome kind :-)

Blog - (a digital diary of sorts) a space for collecting your thoughts and reflecting on events and writing it down, sharing online so others can read it.. I have started using a blog (this one), however I realise this take the discussion outside the course environment. I am still reflecting on whether this is the right thing to do or whether I should stick to the email list to feel more inside the community.

Reflecting on this I feel compelled to Tweet! OMG