Saturday, 13 April 2013

Activity 0.4

Interesting examples of Technology Enhanced Learning

I explored the resources presented and the examples of TEL I find interesting are:

Digital literacies this is something each of the organisations/institutions I have worked in have tried to define and then create strategies and policies to achieve. My current role is supporting academic staff to develop their confidence and capability using technology in teaching. I will read up on the project results to see if there is a global applicable outcome.

Digital inclusion, here in New Zealand we are aware of the digital divide in both the physical network provision (or lack of in many rural areas of the country) and the limited access to technology of students in some cultural groups and/ or low decile schools.  Victoria University of Wellington strategic focus sets targets and assigns accountabilities for actions to improve academic outcomes for Maori and Pacific students Annual reports 

Early Career Researchers, although I am not early in my professional and teaching career I am early in my 'research career'. 

HEA (2009) Transforming Higher Education Through Technology Enhanced Learning. Section 3 Transformation through technology-enhanced pedagogy. It will be relevant to consider the findings in relation to my current institution.

Further reading:

Internet New Zealand (2011) Future: Digital. 

MoE (2009) e-Learning in tertiary education. NZ Ministry of Education resources focussed on eLearning and connectivtivity in Tertiary educations.

Robertson, R (2012) Identification of Strategies to Improve Digital Information Literacy Skills amongst Frontline Public Library Staff.

Salmon, G (2012) Tech for teaching: five trends changing higher education.