Saturday, 13 April 2013

Activity 0.2

Initial comments and discussion
So having finally finished viewing the emails from the first week of the course. 
I am pleased that there are a range of people participating in the course from the newly engaging in technology in learning through the the experienced researchers and well published, innovaters in the field.
Some participants appear daunted by the experience in the course, many of the introductions are very impressive reading.  I am pleased to see the range and depth of expertise and experiences  and I have been happy to say to myself wow, I do/have done that too.. I just haven't written about it!. 
Note to self: Start doing proper research and publishing... Anyone in ocTEL willing to volunteer as a mentor?
Characteristics? a willingness to try something new, to extend their experience using technology, to share their expertise globally, take risks with technology, passion to enhance learning of self and others.
different or atypical? I think that for many of the colleagues I have been learning with at work there are strong similarities. However some colleagues are only interested in the basics to meet the need/ demand and not to take it further.
For the students at the institutions I have worked, on occasion they have lead the direction for technology use and adoption in teaching, for example the creation of repositories of digital assets to support learning out of class, the increase in digital library content as off campus access is increased, the purchase of personal devices and the demand for multi platform operation to meet the wide number of devices.
Outside work, my learning has often been discreetly influenced by digital technologies. The areas which come to mind are dance, yoga, skiing and kayaking. In all of these hobbies/activities technology is essential to the activity but are more discreet. To enjoy the activity I don't have to know all there is to know about the technology.