Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Activity 0.1

Forget catchy titles for these blog pages they will be purely functional, and for those who know me that is no surprise.

My big question 

In my current role supporting academics to develop their confidence and capabilities using technology in their teaching I am often asked questions such as...

Why should I use technology in my teaching?
What technology should I use?
How should I use it? and
How do we know if  'technology' is enhancing the student experience? 

I feel confident with many of these questions but I am left wanting in others...

So my big question(s) are: 

How will I/we/they (academics) know when/whether the technologies deployed have enhanced learning?

How can we identify when learners have disengaged from learning because the technology acts as something other than an enhancer?

I will no doubt have more questions as the weeks progress.....