Thursday, 2 May 2013

Activity 0.5 updated

I could't decide which group to join, am I a nurse educator, a lecturer/tutor in higher education, a learning technologist or do I needi to join in the reflection on distance learning, TEL or something else?

Well..... in a rather unconventional break for a participant of a MOOC on technology, I met up with a colleague Tony  for a face to face reflection with yummy coffee in a lovely local CafĂ©.

  • What can we tell about the range of experiences and preferences among ocTEL participants?
We were both impressed with the range of experiences and preferences of ocTEL participants, I am also a little in awe as I haven't applied my self to serious research despite the nagging feeling that I ought to.
I was surprised that so many people elected to leave the mailing list so early in the course. The number of emails were considerable but to be expected? (surely)? Multiple opportunities to select how and what to study, when and where to study and where to post.

  • What challenges does this present for the course?

Again these choices appear to be 'too many' for some but ideal for others. Both Tony and I took the challenge to start a Blog for the first time for the course 'reflections' and 'evidence to the world that we are doing something, bit more open that the forums :-S

So many readings and so little time,

  • In what ways is a MOOC well or poorly suited to these challenges?

I think the MOOC is suited to these challenges. It 'allows' the flexibility for studying 'martini' style, it provides materials to study (if you want) and wider resources to pick up (virtually) when you want more.
It gives the participant the choice in how to engage, post, discuss etc and in doing so it promotes the opportunity to engage with technologies, master their functionalities building skills and knowledge along the way.

Although I do admit to 'lurking' in the forums (I just couldn't help myself).