Friday, 31 May 2013

Activity 4.2: Evaluating a resource in your area

Evaluate a learning resource you would consider using in your teaching and learning practice

These are two of the resources I selected:
Lecture capture - an introduction -
Lecture capture - the benefits -

How do you decide when a resource is worth adopting? 
I run through the following questions as I use the resource. I try to engage as both the learner and the facilitator so I get a feel for the resources/asset/object.
  1. Is the learning object appealing overall? 
  2. Is the experience of using the learning object a pleasant one? 
  3. Are the technical requirements easily understood and easily met?
  4. Is it easy to find your way around the learning object?
  5. Is the content complete and correct?
  6. Are the activities appropriate to the content?
  7. Is the scope of the learning object suitable: neither too limited, nor too general for your purposes?
  8. Does it meet the educational goal you decided upon?
  9. Are there any potential 'accessibility' issues?
  10. Is the 'message, information' in the resource relevant and applicable to my location with minimal adjustment? 

What are the advantages and limitations of this resource?
Advantage is that it is a short overview to Lecture Capture and concisely explains what it is and why academics might do this.  Clear succinct explanation and short duration makes it comfortable viewing, no need to scroll through to the relevant bits.
Limitations, the branding and logo of a legal group overseas may be a distraction for some as the legislation differs here in NZ, however the content remains accurate and relevant. There is no provision of closed captions so is less accessible that it could be.

How could you incorporate this resource into your teaching? 
This resource will be included in the collection of resources presented to staff for independent study regarding 'Lecture Capture', the existing resources are text based so these video resources provide a more visual and audible resource. 

How will this help your learners?
The resources give clear information and are an academics perspective so may be more easily received than the text alone.

Are there any limitations to the use of this resource for your learners?
None that I can think of at the moment, 

Please comment if you feel differently.