Thursday, 23 May 2013

Activity 3.3: Designing or reviewing a learning activity

We hope soon to be launching our new streaming service with Lecture and desktop capture capabilities.
My colleague and I have drafted a programme for our presentation and workshops and intend to include an activity similar to this within the launch events.

  • Title of activity
    • Creating video using PCAP (VStream/ Echo360)
  • Intended learning outcome/s
    • To use PCAP (VStream/ Echo360) to create a 2 minute video
    • Upload video to VStream echo centre
    • Locate the URL to distribute your video
  • Activity description
    • Using VStream and PCAP software, you will create a short video introducing yourself to your students;
      • Refine your script/prompts/notes
      • Log on to the computer
      • Open the PCAP software
      • Configure your webcam
      • Create your recording
      • Review and edit your recording
      • Open your preferred browser
      • Log in to VStream EchoCentre
      • Upload to the VStream EchoCentre
      • Once the file is processed, locate URL to share with students
  • Time
    • 20 minutes
  • Prerequisites
  • Link to technology used
  • Links to additional resources
  • Follow up activities
    • Edit your file, add closed captions, add bookmarks
    • add link to specific content area in your Blackboard course