Thursday, 2 May 2013

Webinar week 0

Well I watched Diana Laurillard and wrote lots of notes into my blog and pressed save periodically  and some how managed to loose them all.....
Reminder to self... do as I tell my students .. compose in notepad then past in on-line .. grrrrrrrrr (bearing teeth),

If I find them I will add them to this page.....


Hallelujah! I have just found the pdf from the slides and the transcript from the discussions in the #ocTEL resources. I can rebuild my notes :-)

Thinking points were!

  • Course development time = 420 hrs 
  • "We need to understand the pedagogical benefits and teacher time costs of online HE"
  • "What are the new digital pedagogies that will address the 1:25 student support conundrum?"
  • "How do we innovate, test, and build the evidence for what works at scale online?"
  • "Scaling up will never improve the per-student support costs… unless we invent some new pedagogies"
  • Big challenges Cultural, management, Economic, Strategic, Creative and Technical!
  • "Teachers are the engine of innovation."

Further reading The New Media Consortium (2012) Horizon Project Short List: 2013 K-12.