Thursday, 16 May 2013

Re: To what extent should learning design be supported computationally?

To what extent should learning design be supported computationally – A webinar discussion between Diana Laurillard and Stephen Downes

Unintentionally Diana demonstrated the technical limitations of Illuminate :-(  lack of control for the presenter in jumping through slides and the inability to run animated slides.

Word of the day: Connectivate = activating connections.

The Learning Design tool  Technology to calculate teacher time in creating revising teaching technology.

This looks like a useful tool to provide evidence to support negotiations for recognised time for academic activities, currently this is not specified clearly and it is 'as much as it takes' even if there are not enough hours in the day/week/ academic year....

Pedagogical Patterns Collector -  "suite of tools enables teachers to share their good teaching ideas. It is intended to help a subject teacher see how a particular pedagogic approach can be migrated successfully across different topics".

This is valuable when reusing content or developing content for intentional reuse.
Useful to use in teaching development environment.


  • Put some time aside to explore these two tools for my own teaching practice.
  • Consider a project with staff using these tools and the perceived benefit from their use.