Thursday, 16 May 2013

Understanding Learners' Needs. 2.2 pt 2

Activity 2.2: Researching themes in learner needs

Consider the implications for your teaching approach/delivery and implementation.


There are some really great resources in these collections:

  • Learning to teach inclusively an OER (Open Educational Resource) module for Higher Education staff that aims to help you gather information about your own diverse students and, in light of this, redesign an aspect of your curriculum for the engagement and assessment of  all students.
  • JISC TechDis promote inclusive practice in teaching and learning and provide advice and resources to support learner needs. You can explore some of the possibilities for inclusive use of technology at the site
  • EDUapps provide a range of software collections to support a diverse range of user requirements.  These can be downloaded for free at

While I worked in the UK I was fortunate to visit the TechDis team and have been a fan and advocate of their resources for many years.

Responding to BrianH comment in the Forum post.

I don't think the fully online course can be 'accessible to all'. But I do think we can do our best to make it accessible to many/most.
If we develop learning resources with an awareness of functionality with screen readers, closed captions, adjustable font styles sizes, colours. software and apps which work across platforms and devices. Offering relevant language options in multilingual institutions.
With robust process for learners to inform us of their specific support needs and processes in place to provide assessments which are not detrimental to the student who has known support needs.

Further resources: 

Accessibility is something I promote to my academic colleagues -

Whether the challenge is technology or something else, inclusive teaching is something we should all aspire to deliver -